Friday, May 16, 2014

May 15, 2014 Week 5 and still alive

Don't let the clever title fool you, I didn't come up with that by myself.... Haha. It is true though. I am still very much alive and growing like every second! It's insane how much the Lord shapes you and teaches you so much about yourself if you just open your heart and choose to be humble and listen :) Just like Ether 12:27! I've like never even thought about Heavenly Father pointing out your weaknesses before, but He doesn't leave it at that. He makes them strengths! How loving is that? I couldn't even imagine going into the mission field and making the mistakes I have here hahaha! The MTC has taught me so much about myself and what I need to work on. I know that through His help I can change and invite others to do so as well. 

That is probably the biggest thing I have learned this week. That and to just follow the promptings that you feel from the Spirit in a lesson. There are actual non members of the church walking around and you're allowed to talk to them and set up appointments. This week we had 2 extra appointments with some American investigators, which totally rocks! It was cool to actually understand with my ears as well as my heart as to what the investigator of the church needs. Speaking of that, when I'm in the Nihongo lesson... I know what's being said haha which is totally crazy because in class, I am totally lost! I know that you can really, truly feel things with your heart, you can even know a language that you aren't familiar with and I know the only way this is possible is with God's help.

I have been given the Pokemon Psyduck everyone says he matches my personality... Hopefully that's a good thing hahaha I'm not sure if everyone is familiar with this character, demo it's kind of cool to walk around with a sticker of a duck on the back of your nametag haha Japanese missionaries are the or as the Japanese would say SAIKO DESU YO!!  

I GAVE THE CLOSING PRAYER FOR ELDER L.TOM PERRY!!! How cool is that?? He has the best attitude in the entire world and when he walks into a room, you can feel it change for the better. It was such an amazing and humbling experience. He is so wonderful and he gave an amazing talk on the importance of companionships and the importance of teaching with the spirit. That if contention arises, do not continue teaching because that is not the Lord's way. Super eye opening and incredible! How lucky are we?? 5 members of the Quarm of the Twelve have come to talk to us :) LOVE IT!

Okay, so this email was sota lame, sorry!! The other Sisters in this picture are my Kohi (they are new here) haha and I love them :) Uh but thats all the pictures it will let me download... I will send one of my whole District soon. You'll love them! 

AI SHITEMASU (I love you) Have a wonderful week! I know I will :)

Wright Shimai 

P.S write me on it's the best website ever and I have more time to reply to that!

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