Tuesday, May 6, 2014

First letter home

The Missionary Training Center (MTC) gave them 10 minutes to Email home on Saturday after she had been there for fours days. What a blessing to get that email!  This is just a little of what she wrote.


I only have 10 minutes to write!! Did you cry all the way home? ;) Aishitimasu! (I love you). Everything is going so well....We seriously have zero time to even think.  Life here is seriously insane. The food is absolutely delicious and my district the shimai (sisters) and choro (elders) I'm around every second of everyday is hilarious. AL SHITIMASU them.  I know how to pray and testify and say sentences like "genki desu ka?" (How are you) and it is only day 3.
We have study time from 8am-11 then lunch then 12-3 study time then dinner then oversize then 5-9:30 study then BED (we just fall asleep right away)....We barely have anytime at all.  My doyro is freaking sweet.  She loves things like k-pop and me (just kidding).  I love her so much though! Her name is Read Shimai and I'm Wright Shimai.....GET IT??? READ AND WRIGHT!!! I feel it was such and inspired companionship.  We are so funny and everyone will forever remember us :)

Tell mom I got her wonderful package and I'm going to share it with everyone :)

I have also seen like six or seven people I know!

love you! Got to go!

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