Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April 28, 2014 (13 days at the MTC)

Hey mom,

Thanks for your wonderful (suburachi) letter. You will be happy to know I am doing laundry now.  Nihongo is going great (Japanese). I can't believe everything I already know! The gift of tongues is really so real!! Everyone here is so nice and uplifting :-) missionaries are awesome!

One Choro in our zone who looks like Michael Cera is a professional photographer from Brazil who takes pictures for Vogue! Can you believe that? He is really crazy though. He told us that 'onara' is a shorter version of bye...but it actually means 'fart' sooo that was nice hahahah! We've just learned not to trust him. Except he said Elder Uchtdorf was coming on Easter and Janessa Bates....Sister Bates!!! My old friend! She said Elder Holland was coming. So I didn't believe him but he was actually right!! So who knows!
Elder Uchtdorf did speak on Easter...Can you believe that? It's been 15 years since a member of the first presidency has come to the MTC and it was him, my favorite! He definitely had the entire MTC crying. He said, "to fear no man." give it your all-no half-hearted attempts, or you will be depressed?" "We are disciples of the Savior and because of that he is with us We Do No Fear!" "He lives, He is the Son of a living God. He will lift you up and inspire you if You work diligently." "As you turn your hearts and minds to the Savior He will take care of everything. He will help you overcome fear." He talked about Peter and his mighty change. He turned on the Savior but repented and became one of the most amazing Apostles ever! They threw him in prison for being so bold and when he kept on converting the soldiers that were holding him captive they decided to crucify him. But he wanted to hang upside down because he didn't want to die the same way as his master.  Isn't that absolutely beautiful? I was singing in the choir....and I couldn't get through the song, EVERYONE was crying! They said that it was the best time they've ever heard the choir and I really believe it was because of the spirit that was there! Maybe if you look up his Easter talk you can see me in the choir! That would be so cool!  Elder Oaks come on Tuesday as well. So two apostles in one week...I'm not complaining.
It's so funny that you shared Alma 7:11-14 because where were teaching about the atonement and I found that scripture! So perfect!

ai shite masu
I love you!

Wright Shimai

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